Ingredients: Procedure:
125 g smoked ham
1 dl chicken stock
3 g gelatin, dissolved in water
6 dl whipped heavy cream
mustard, salt, black pepper
1. Finely grind smoked ham.
2. Mix it with chicken stock, boil it
3. Add gelatin, mix it and spice it.
4. Leave it to cool down on room temperature.
5. Gently combine with whipped cream.
150 g grated Parmesan cheese
1. Preheat oven up to 220°C.
2. Mix the cheese with pepper.
3. Place the baking paper on a flat brass and over it place a round metal mold (diameter 7cm).
4. Fill with a thin layer of cheese (pay attention to the edges).
5. Move the mold 2cm from the previous disc and repeat the process.
6. Furnace up to 3-4 disks for 3minutes until cheese is melted and gratinited.
7. While warm, put disks around the conical molds. Leave it to cool down.

Stuff the cones using the pastry bag. Decorate with chives.